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Shop all your Business Goods & Supplies at Tolexo. With more than 10,00,000+ essential products needed by businesses, factories, offices and laboratories you can find anyhting from office supplies to safety products with just one click.
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Medical Supplies starting at Rs.80

Medical Supplies starting at Rs.80

DEAL EXPIRED: Put safety first with these increadible savings on medical equippment. Whether at home or at work, having the right medical supplies is vital for your health and wellbeing. Shop anything from small wound care items like band aids to larger items such as specialty beds reduced at upto 64% off regular price with this amazin deal.

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Extra Rs.500 Off on Min. Purchase of Rs.10000

End date: 31-01-2017

Get Rs.150 Off on a Min. Purchase of Rs.3000

End date: 31-01-2017

Get Rs.100 Off on Min. Purchase of Rs.2000

End date: 31-01-2017
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upto 84%

Upto 84% OFF Safety Shoes

Be protected while you work with these amazing savings on safety shoes. Shop the large collection and take advantage of increadible discounts of upto 84% off original price.
upto 58%

Upto 58% OFF on Lightbulbs


Safety Shoes starting at Rs.99

Safety Shoes starting at Rs.99

DEAL EXPIRED: Put safety first with this increadible deal. Shop a large selection of safety shoes made to withstand tough conditions starting as low as Rs.99 with this special offer. Choose from top brands such as Tek-Tron, Bata, Ramzy, JK-Port and many more. Benefit from schock absorbent cushioning, steel midsoles, oil resistant materials and anti slip soles and protect yourself when working under dangerous conditions without spending a fortune on expensive safety shoes.

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